Interim management

If a change is needed tomorrow

Situations can develop within an organization that require a different approach – sometimes out of acute necessity but usually based on a change.

Such a situation calls for external expertise and often a fresh, objective approach. Experienced interim managers are deployed for this purpose. Our interim managers have proven to be real leaders with a strong, and quick, analytical ability to take stock of the situation, develop a vision, and head improvement or change programmes and projects in a decisive manner. They are used to making necessary decisions and resolving challenges, with an authentic and personal approach, a strong personality, and a leadership style that takes employees into account without losing sight of the intended result.

Over the past twenty years, Equipe has acquired business knowledge and specialist knowledge in each sector. In combination with our search and selection methods and our network of over 150 real leaders, we can quickly select a real interim leader for you, whether you need a quick solution for a temporary capacity problem, support for a reorganization, or assistance with a change process.

Our interim managers are real leaders who can help organizations move forward and become and continue to be successful. They help mobilize organizations.

Our interim managers work on assignments for organizations in healthcare, government, education, and industry and in the public and private sectors. They also work for various SMEs and family businesses. Every assignment and every organization requires its own expertise and approach.

We have built up an extensive track record. From interim assignments for executive positions, mergers, and acquisitions to change projects in the areas of finance, operations, HR, and marketing and sales.

Our real interim leaders:

  • head change and improvement programmes
  • focus on results based on broad support
  • communicate, listen, and provide guidance
  • provide support in setting up, supervising, and implementing new systems, procedures, and policies
  • manage organizations and/or departments
  • lead or advise management teams
  • improve the level of knowledge across the entire organization
  • support teams and talents
  • always put employees first

If a fast response is needed

A situation can always arise in which a temporary position needs to be filled immediately. This may be because of a capacity need that is created due to the replacement of a jobholder. In these cases, speed is just as important as our expertise. Equipe supports organizations with an acute need for capacity at management and executive level. As we have an active network of experienced interim managers, we can provide your organization with the right interim manager within a very short space of time (often within hours or days). We guarantee a perfect match in terms of experience, expertise, and personal qualities thanks to our working method and the personal assistance provided by our experienced consultants. In short, we can provide the best real leaders who are readily available because you need them tomorrow.

If a change is needed

An organization in motion often needs external support for a specific change process. It needs experience and a fresh perspective on matters. An objective outsider who looks at things from now on instead of from the past. Someone who can analyse and assess the situation from a neutral position. Someone who can build the trust of employees and teams and ensure that a change is accepted. In short, the basis for any type of change. Our interim managers can guide your project, department, or organization from the current situation to the target situation. Not only is the change itself important, but also its embedment in the organization. It is with good reason that our interim managers are all senior-level experts in their specific fields and are also trained in the application of various change management techniques.

Want to learn more?

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